Freelance filmmakers, check this out:

The Andyax Music Packs are specifically made for freelance filmmakers. The one time fee gives you permission to use the music forever in all videos for web, even commercials!

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Making a Film Company Part II

Making a Film Company is a series about starting a film production company with friends. Part 1 was a success, so now the adventure continues! See the teaser here!

Master Time-Lapse courses

On of the leading time-lapse photographers, Morten Rustad, is out with an almost 6 hour long course about time-lapsing. You will learn how to create stunning time-lapses, from the initial planning to the final render. Whether you have just discovered the art of time-lapse, or already have a bit of experience with the technique, the course aims to help you step up your time-lapse game.


Become a more confident filmmaker with our seven days film workshop in Norway.


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Learn filmmaking and get inspired

Andyax was first known as a YouTube channel, teaching filmmaking.

Now, 10 years later, the channel is still going strong. See our videos below.