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High quality music with stems for your films, videos and podcasts. Easy licensing, monetization and use for commercial projects.


High quality music

Stems included

No subscription

Use them forever


Everything you need to do your work

High quality music 
Stem files included 
Approved for commercials on the web 
No subscription needed 
Monetizable on YouTube 
Use the music forever ✔

High quality music

Thomas Leypoldt has been a film composer for over 10 years, delivering music to feature films, documentaries, video games, and commercials.

These music packs have stories to tell. Mix it with your storytelling and it can impact the audience in new and unique ways.

Fully customizable

Each song includes stems (3-8 instruments), which gives you the option to separate the instruments and fully customize the songs.

And as all songs are connected storywise, you can mix them in a way that gives you hundreds of variations but still makes your story solid. 

A good investment

Not only are the songs approved for all videos published online, including commercials: you also don’t need a subscription.

You can use the music and all the stems as much as you want in hundreds of variations, with just one payment


From the sad, yet hopeful tracks to the mournful and grieving emotions – Melancholia from Andyax Music aims to give you music tracks that will build up emotional moments in your videos.

Melancholia mashup:

Fun Adventure

Get the classic Andyax feel with these five music tracks that just scream playfulness! The music fits perfectly as general background music and will give your videos a light, optimistic feel.

Fun Adventure mashup:


Unleash your dramatic flair and enhance your storytelling by adding the songs from the Dramatic pack. You can either go full epic, or remove stems for an calmer feeling.

Dramatic mashup:

Music Pack Bundle

Get everything – “Dramatic”, “Fun Adventure” and “Melancholia” in one Bundle.

Feedback from users of the music packs

The Music Packs simplifies the process of hunting down the perfect score by giving you a lot of options and flexibility.  I have used the Music Packs in a dozen small projects, and it is so helpful to have a product that is adaptable to so many different moods and settings.  At first, I was a little intimidated by working with stem files, I then started to realize how powerful it was to be able to customize the tracks.  I don’t have to worry about making my videos fit the audio tracks now, my audio conforms to the video.  To say that the Music Packs are a huge time saver and boost production value is an understatement.  If I took all the hours I saved looking for the right music and retiming all of my videos, the Music Packs have already paid for themselves.  This is an excellent product with significant value.  I can’t thank Thomas and the Andyax team enough, and I look forward to their future products.

Jonathan Nguyen


The Music Pack is just perfect. The included tracks are very professional. Because of the included stems you can fit the music to your scene instead of fitting your scene to the music. So it\\\’s like having the flexibility of a composer without heaving a composer. There is also a pleasant tutorial included for fitting the songs to your scene. Highly recommended!

Silas Weidner


Licences for digital music can be expensive when you have to buy a lot of contents for your project. One of the benefits of these music packs is for sure the extended rights of use.

Most important : If you know Thomas Leypoldt, you know how the quality of his compositions is great. Some unique atmosphere who somethimes remind me the county of hobbits (Andyax theme of there youtube channel for example).

My favorite pack : Fun Adventure with his funny style (Kind of Psych tv series style). At last but not the least : the possibility to make your own version with every single instrument track.

Denis Jochem


I bought the music packs and used them for the first time today. The stems are so amazing that I had to come here to say thank you! Thomas Leypoldt, you are really an amazing composer! Lots of sounds hidden there, just waiting to be explored. Fantastic!

Felipe Muci


A smart choice. Here’s why.

Content creators often earn most of their income by making commercials and corporate videos, and over 90% of those videos are uploaded to web. In addition to what you have paid for your music, you often have to pay an extra fee to be able to use the music for commercials on web (in average 100 USD per song).

Our licence includes commercial use on web. So you and your client can relax, not matter what kind of song or stem you are using. And with the hundreds of options you get with the stems and the music, this surely is a good investment for your business.


Standard Licence

The standard license is for those who need music to all kinds of web-based projects (including commercial projects for web), like YouTube videos, Facebook videos, or corporate videos intended for internal use, exhibitons etc.

Extended Licence

The extended license covers the right to use the music in cinema and TV.

(Contact us here for acquiring this license)

Read more about the Terms of Use here

Get to know our Music Packs!

Thomas and Anders give you an overview of the different music packs and how to use them.

Why music is important for your projects

Both visuals and music can stand by themselves and tell great stories. But combining music with either visuals or a voice, you can more easily express yourself and impact the audience. Music does fantastic things to our brain. And those fantastic things are exactly what will help your projects succeed.

Express Emotions

In order to create emotions in your audience you need your visuals and audio to harmonise. The more honest those elements can express your story the more it hits the audience. The Andyax Music Packs offer a broad range of honest emotions – from happy, dramatic, epic and sad.

Create Empathy

To create empathy for your character(s) in your movie, video or even podcasts, music plays an important role. All the music in our Music Packs offer great variety of sections and stems to help you create tailored themes for your characters. 

Intensifying Scenes

Timing, cues, dynamics, all those elements will help you catch the audience and take them on your journey. With the included stems and varied sections, you have the freedom to play around with cues- across all genres.

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