Andyax.com (VJUS AS) and AndyaxMusic.com grant you a non-exclusive right to synchronize Music in a Production. The Production may be distributed worldwide, with certain variations depending on the two license types below.


The Standard Music License is for private persons, sole proprietors, and companies that need music to web projects, YouTube videos with monetization, promotions, and commercials published on the web with a budget less than $50,000. In addition to web productions, the Standard License covers usage in internal corporate videos. A Standard Music License grants you the right to use the music in web-based platforms (for instance YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Podcasts, Apps, etc.) with a budget less than $50,000. The Standard License also allows for use in non-web based “industrial” contexts, (for instance trade shows, conferences, corporate events, or internal corporate use).


An Extended Music License grants you the same rights as the Standard Music License in addition to extended use, such as the right to use the music in productions for cinema, TV, video games and radio. The extended license is for companies that intend to use music in commercial media that extends past social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube, or promotional intent on the web. For instance, this could be media like TV and cinema. The license is therefore intended towards larger projects with larger budgets. For more information about the usage and acquirement of Extended License, contact us at “license@vjus.no



1. Sub-license, re-sell, print, rent, lend, assign, share, gift or otherwise transfer, provide downloadable access to, or distribute to any third-party.

2. Manufacture, distribute, sell or otherwise exploit “records”, CDs, mp3s or any other audio product embodying sound alone which incorporates Music, other than an audio-only Production expressly described in the definition of “Production” above. For the purpose of this subsection the term “records” means all forms of reproductions, whether now known or hereafter devised, manufacture or distributed primary for home use, school use, or jukebox use, embodying sound alone (excluding synchronized material);

3. Use the Music in connection with other material that is pornographic, defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral, illegal or that otherwise violates any right(s) of any third party(ies);

4. Violate export laws, restrictions or regulations, by shipping, transferring or exporting Music into any country in violation of any export laws, restrictions or regulation;

5. Use, sell, sublicense, reproduce, distribute, display, incorporate into or otherwise make Music, in whole or in part, available as, or as part of, production library content, or downloadable files or include the Music or any derivative work incorporating the Music in any other stock product, library, or collection;

6. Remix, mashup, or otherwise alter the Music, except that you may engage in editing like cutting out sections of the Music, rearrange sections, adding and removing stem files, setting start/stop points, determining fade-in/fade-out points, etc.

7. Use Music in an audio-only Production in which music is the primary content.


You may publish productions incorporating Music on third party “user-generated” content distribution platforms (e.g., YouTube) (each a “UGC Platform”). You may not claim ownership of the Music or otherwise register any Music with any UGC Platform even as synchronized with your own Production. If you become aware that any third party claims any ownership interests in any Music, you agree to promptly notify Andyax.com of each such claim.


When incorporating the Music in the type of Production in which copyright attribution is customary, you shall provide credit in substantially the following form: “‘[Music Title]’ performed by Thomas Leypoldt, used under license from Andyax Music”